Anna Ray + Forbo Flooring

Offcut, 2019

Inspired by the offcuts from the meticulously precise tufting process at Forbo Flooring, Anna Ray’s work is a visual documentation of the ambitious factory floor’s processes, offering a unique view of global manufacturing.

‘Offcut’ looked at the materials and processes unseen by the end-consumer; dancing threads wriggling free from their cones in preparation for tufting and uniformly marching needles in seemingly endless rows, punching through cloth at unimaginable speed.

Anna produced a beautiful installation in the Festival gallery on Church st in Blackburn town centre. Her work directly engaged the materials, forms and machinery found within the factory; while also referencing her Huguenot ancestors who were silk weavers and ‘fancy trimmings’ manufacturers in the 1700s.

Anna’s deeply textured and vibrant wall pieces transcend the everyday factory occurrences found during her residency, elevating the materials of the workplace into contemporary art works.

“I imagine that myself and the team at Forbo will have particular views on our output, standards that we strive to meet, a form of identity/brand identity to maintain. Perhaps we will share the desire to be seen as working at the cutting edge of our disciplines. There may well be distinct philosophies at play and specific attitudes to working with materials, form and colour that will be relatable.”

Anna Ray


Straddling craft and conceptual art without being defined by either category, Anna has developed and shown work with organisations including the Turner Contemporary in Margate and the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, each time drawing from her subconscious the textures and structures that she has observed around her to develop new forms.


Forbo Flooring Systems produces commercial flooring in materials including linoleum, vinyl and carpet tiles for a wide range of organisations worldwide as well as a range of advanced home flooring products. Dedicated to progressive manufacturing processes and products, Forbo drives innovation to ensure their flooring has a positive impact on indoor and outdoor environments.

“Design & aesthetics are key features in our flooring. Although the flooring needs to be fit for purpose, like safety flooring, perhaps have acoustic properties etc. if the product doesn’t look good, we won’t sell it. So the use of colour and design is crucial to the success of our business, so I don’t think the worlds are too far apart.”

Janet Lowe, Forbo Flooring Systems


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