Grennan & Sperandio + Panaz

The Social Fabric, 2017

From the finance office to the shop floor, four employees of Panaz had their lives, loves and work experiences turned into textile artworks for their own homes. Fascinated by the connection between home life, personality and work environments, artists Grennan and Sperandio aimed to place the employees of the fabrics factory, at the centre of the commission.

Employees Glenn, Peter, Martine and Anita had intensive design sessions in their kitchens, living rooms and workplaces to create individual fabric patterns with the artists. Installed in a town centre coffee shop, the resultant wallpaper, curtains, sofa and bed runner capture elements of each worker’s personality and personal history. The artists’ creations span the space between work life and home life; the fabric of the employees’ lives threaded through the fabric of their factory.

“We all dream of having something made especially for us. With our new fabric and wallpaper patterns, we’ve made that dream come true for four folks from Lancashire.”



International fine art studio Grennan and Sperandio have a three-decade-long history of telling stories in unusual media, from comic books to chocolate. Based in North Wales and Texas, two things remain constant in their practice: they always work together and their work always involves members of the public. Grennan and Sperandio invite people to do things that they don’t usually do – taking a small step into the unknown together.


Burnley-based Panaz is one of Europe’s leading and most innovative suppliers of high quality decorative fabrics and wall coverings for hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors. With a focus on design and technical innovation, Panaz works with interior designers to supply fabric for iconic interiors and their work can be found decorating ships and theatres. The company has an environmental focus and their eco manifesto is a fundamental part of their business strategy.

“It’s been a fantastic experience to have been involved in Art in Manufacturing, and a fascinating insight into how art can become a part of people’s everyday lives.”



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