Hannah Fox + Cardboard Box Company

The Cardboard Cinema, 2018

Harking back to the splendid and whimsical wonders of a bygone era – Blackburn once housed an impressive fifteen cinemas – Hannah Fox and the Cardboard Box Company recrafted a cinema straight out of this golden age of film. Their installation was suffused with charming detail and dreamy otherworldliness, both intimately immersive and wonderfully playful – a cinematic experience like no other.

‘Collect your cardboard ticket from our cardboard-clad usherette, fill your cardboard popcorn cone and enter Hannah Fox’s world, where a delicate handmade animation flickers in the warmth of a fully realised Cardboard Cinema’. 

Housed in Blackburn Cathedral’s Crypt, the installation featuring an animation made by Hannah, was visited by 1000’s of festival visitors.

“There is a mutual benefit for both parties from the collaborative relationship of Artist/Designer and the highly skilled practitioners at the factory. Both parties learn from each other.”

Hannah Fox


A freelance visual artist who delights in transforming the familiar, Hannah Fox produces imaginative, atmospheric and playful installations, large-scale projections and performances worldwide. After coming of age on the road with the celebrated arts company Welfare State International, she worked as a designer, performer and core member of the radical Dutch Theatre Collective Dogtroep before setting up her own studio in rural Cumbria.


Cardboard Box Company returned to the festival after an incredible collaboration with Lazerian’s Chromatogram installation. Shortlisted for the Telegraph’s SME of the Year award, the firm designs, prints and manufactures corrugated board for industrial and retail packaging solutions. Their state-of-the-art plant has seen fast growth in recent years through an incredible story of investment and invention. Whilst creating more than 25,000 solutions for customers, they remain an inventive, creative and people-centric company, committed to the local area.

“Whilst these projects are hard work and time consuming for CBC and our employees, they are very rewarding for all concerned and it is our opportunity to stand up, promote and be proud of what we do and where we live and work.”

Ken Shackleton, Carboard Box Company


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