Front Room Factories

O Production + Domestic makers, 2017

Co-commissioned by The Super Slow Way and National Festival of Making, Front Room Factories is an inspiring portrait of Lancashire’s home-based makers. Lancashire’s domestic creators invited video producers O Production into their homes, revealing an industry producing ceramics, cigar box guitars, African cakes & biscuits, petrol can lights, tableware, jewellery and more.

Front Room Factories is an intimate story of people and place, exploring manufacturing that occurs at home, amongst family, amid hectic lifestyles and in a response to the opportunity and demands of business, trade and making. A reminder of just how much you can do with what you have, Front Room Factories champions the creative spirits working in our midst.

“Being part of Front Room Factories production allowed me to gain a deeper insight into the rich manufacturing history and heritage of my hometown. I am proud to be part of that changing landscape as an innovative manufacturer. I felt that our stories were all linked through the labour of love that is the passion we work for. O production captured this very essence in the home grown stories of local people from our county in an inspiring short film.”

Zainab Bilal, Pie Mezzanae

O Production is a tightly-knit and agile video production company who love to create digital media in a wide range of creative contexts that looks good on every conceivable platform. Over the past decade, they have become one of the UK’s leading content creators in arts, innovation and culture and continue to create engaging and effective marketing content for major global brands. O Production collaborates with some of the biggest brands in art, design, fashion, music and advertising on an ever-changing output of promotional, documentary and educational films as well as creating artworks and interactive digital media that connect businesses and engage audiences.


“Our film making process works best when it develops and reveals a genuine friendship and creative collaborations that can be expressed on the screen”

Simon Williams, O Production


This film includes ‘Blackburn to the Fore’, a choral arrangement of William Billington’s poem for Jamie Holman’s residency at Roach Bridge Tissues. Performed by the incomparable Blackburn People’s Choir.


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